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Public Service Announcement - - Home Energy Conservation
Public Service Announcement

Information for this announcement was provided by
Senior Environment Corps., Project of Elder Services.



When you save energy, you save money.

Energy costs on Cape Cod are already high and still rising. The money that you save by reducing energy waste is money that you can use for other purposes. So, be good to yourself and to your environment. Dont's let your money "go up in smoke" this winter!

Start with a home energy audit. It's free and it's easy to schedule, for all Cape Cod residents. Cape Cod Light has the information you need. Telephone 1-800-797-6699. If you qualify for fuel assistance, the Housing Assistance Corporation can provide help with weatherization. Telephone: 508-771-5400.


Here is a list of some of the simple things that you may be able to do to help lower home energy bills.

  • CONTROL THERMOSTATS: Try setting your thermostat for 65 degrees when you're at home and awake. Reduce thermostat settings at night and for the hours when you're away from home.
  • PROTECT YOURSELF: Turn down the temperature of your hot water heater to the warm setting. The "warm setting" is 120 degrees. You'll save money, and more important, you'll avoid severe burns.
  • TURN OFF THE LIGHTS: Turn off lights, home appliance and telivision sets when they are not in use. Keep appliances clean and in good repair. Use energy-saving settings on refrigerators, dishwashers, washing machines and clothes dryers.
  • ENJOY THE SUNSHINE: During the day open all of the shades and drapes on the sunny side of your home and the let the sunshine enter. It's a great way to improve home heating and lighting.
  • INSULATION: A tight, well-insulated home saves energy and it's also more comfortable. Talk with energy audit professionals and get their advice on insulation.


Cape Cod residents in need of fuel assistance can contact the following resources. Eligibility for most programs is determined by family income and size. Seniors should contact their town Council on Aging for additional information. The Human Services Agency in your town may also be able to direct you to local sources of assistance.

  • South Shore Community action council ~ Federal funds are available during the winter months to assist families. For an application, telephone: 508-778-0870.
  • Citizens Energy Oil Heat Program ~ A private, non-profit program to assist families in need of heating oil. Telephone: 877-563-4645.
  • Utility Discounts ~ All Massachusetts electric companies and most gas companies have low-income discount programs. You automatically qualify for the discounts if you receive food stamp benefits, MassHealth, SSI, Fuel Assistance, or if your child is in the School Free Lunch Program or Head Start. These discounts can save you 25-35 percent on each bill. To apply for discounts, call your gas and electric companies and ask for an application. The Massachusetts Department of Transitional Assistance has additional information. Telephone: 1-800-249-2007.
  • Cape and Islands Self Reliance Corp. ~ A consumer cooperative that provides members with inexpensive home heating oil. Telephone 1-888-808-0120.

The preceding has been a public service announcement courtesy of allcapecod.     Information for this announcement was provided by Senior Environment Corps., Project of Elder Services.

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