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kidding around
from a Kid's Point of View

Book Reviews

Written by Gilbert, Age 13 of Massachusetts

Gilbert's photo, I am so cute!

For some kids, reading is not at the top of their favorite things to do list. Believe it or not, some kids would rather conduct science experiments, solve math problems, play chess or even play outside participating in sports, riding bikes, scooters, go-carts and skateboards, or just watch TV, play video games and hang out with friends at the beach, arcade or local mall. I, Gilbert, am creating this web page to suggest some books I have read and liked to help kids choose a book for a school book report or summer reading assignment. These books are appropriate for middle school aged kids. Make sure you read the book, don't just watch the movie because sometimes they are different and teachers always know the differences. Also, be sure to complete the book report before you return the book to the library. Most mothers don't like having to drive around to 2 or 3 libraries to find an available copy so you can look something up to finish an assignment that is due tomorrow!

My latest picks, in last read order (Note: books are fiction, unless otherwise stated):

  1. cover Flush, by Carl Hiaasen
      - reserved for me by a nice librarian at the Sturgis Library because she knows I like this author. Deals with real life situations.

  2. cover After the Last Dog Died, by Carmen Bredesan
      - recommended to me by my friend Miguel's mother. This is the true story of Douglas Mawson's 1912 Antarctic Expedition. A quick read, very informative, lots of photographs. I highly recommend this book if you are in a hurry to read a non fiction book.

  3. cover Small Steps, by Louis Sachar
      - recommended and loaned to me by my friend Amanda who loves to read. A good story about teenagers, a sequel to Holes.

  4. Harry Houdini Young Magician, by Kathryn Kilby Borland and Helen Ross Speicher
      - I have always been fascinated with magic so I selected this book when I needed a biography for a "dress as the character" book report.

  5. cover Gulliver's Travels, by Jonathan Swift
      - A young adult's version of a classic book. A literary must read!

  6. cover The Time Machine, by H.G. Wells
      - Scholastic Book's version of a classic book. A science fiction must read!

  7. cover Robinson Crusoe, by Daniel Defoe
      - classic novel of shipwreck and survival. A must read adventure story!

  8. cover Holes, by Louis Sachar
      - recommended to me by my friend Jesse. Sachar, one of my favorite authors, is a good author for kids. This book was made into a movie.

  9. cover Hoot, by Carl Hiaasen
      - chosen in desparation by my mom at the last minute from my 2005 summer reading list. Good book, became one of my all time favorites, made into a movie in 2006. I highly recommend this book.

  10. cover The Treasure Of Bessledorf Hill, by Phyllis Reynolds Nayor
      - the first book I saw on the school library shelf that looked like a good mystery. Sometimes you can judge a book by it's cover.

  11. cover Sewer Soup, by Margaret Ragz
      - a good mystery that takes place on Cape Cod near the National Seashore. A must read for locals and kids who have visited.

  12. For a list of Cape Cod Libraries visit the Libraries page at

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