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Fri Apr 9 19:06:00 1999

shanique scott of Buffalo, new york said... Katie O brian- if you are still looking for housing- you think you would be interested in a roomate to help with expenses? please contact me- or if you have found out about anything please let me know- my e-mail adress is

Thu Mar 4 05:40:01 1999

CAPE COD PERSONALS.COM of Cape Cod said... Online Cape Cod Personal Ads, dating, love and romance...

Wed Feb 17 18:52:40 1999

Wendy of Saylorsburg, PA said... I would love to bring my family to do some whale watching. I've been searching for the best times to see whales. I've gathered that spring is the best time - but how is fall? Will my kids see lots of whales in say Aug - Sept? Would appreciate any info out there

Sun Feb 7 14:44:18 1999

Don Palmerino said... Do you know that Cape Realtors® do not feel obligated to honor their own listing contracts? This is one story they do NOT want you to know about.

Thu Sep 17 04:20:42 1998

Dinty Wheeler of Upton, WI said... It is CORN meal not oats. Ugh, some people!!

Sat Jun 13 08:13:15 1998

Katie O'Brien of Rochester Hills, MI said... Hi all you lucky people who live in the Cape area. I hope to join you in the Summer of 1999, but I need you help. I am a sophomore at Michigan State University, and looking forward to spending next summer waitressing and living in the Cape area. I know it is early, but I need to plan in advance for this dream to come true. If anyone knows of jobs and/or low cost housing/apartment, I would GREATLY appreciate it! My friend and I are responsible, hard working, charismatic and have three years of waitressing experience. I look forward to hearing from you!

Thu Jun 11 06:53:30 1998

Robin Shore of Cambridge, MA said... Hi, We are coming to Truro for a vacation this summer and am looking for a pet sitter. Anyone know a good one? I appreciate the help. Thanks. Robin Shore

Tue Jun 9 13:22:30 1998

Andrea of Baltimore, MD said... We're looking for an additional party of 1-3 persons to join us July 28th for a charter fishing trip. The adventure starts at 7am and ends noon time--everything is included except your food and drink. We're a party of three only and the boat can take out up to 6. We thought if we could find some other interested people we could lower the cost. The total for the 5-hour charter is $340, so we thought maybe $40 or $50 each to join in.

Sat May 23 04:53:42 1998

Dr. CS FelicitasPhDDSW of Manhattan, NY said... Responding to a telcom enquiry, our PACM(Amer&NY Branch) Library gladly supplies a wide variety of reference materials on earthquakes and earthquake service and recovery topics to its members at no service fee to the applying members with nominal prepaid shipping and handling charges. 05.23.98 8:04EDT

Sat May 23 04:41:12 1998

Dr. CS FelicitasPhDDSW of Manhattan, NY said... Responding to questions and comments on housing and shelter needs, our last borough regional focus meeting was last Thursday, May 21st. There is a boroughwide meeting scheduled for early June. Housing, housing for women, and housing for women and children received much concern and public comment. As a political issue, however, it is one that requires constant vigilance. Homelessness whether actual or part of the "hidden homeless" world is a distressing problem for everyone. Everyone deserves a sensitively appropriate and reasonable home!! And respite services are equally important.

Sat May 23 04:27:27 1998

Dr. CS FelicitasPhDDSW of Manhattan, NY said... The Massachusetts Maritime Academy public computer access system is not operable. We are working on the problem. Our PACM(Amer&NY Branch) Library individual membership fee is accomodatingly $27.00 annually. Our UN Health access is at available to members of the United Nations NGO Committee on Health members at no usage fee. Thank you for your attention to these needs. CSF 05.23.98 7:38EDT

Tue May 5 11:01:28 1998

melissa Dalley of new york city said... Hi. We are two students at New York University who really want to come to provincetown this summer for fun and volunteer work. we are looking for a place to stay May through september. Need roommates? Got a couple of extra rooms? please email me at

Sat Apr 4 13:51:08 1998

Nancy & Bill of Eastham said... For Sale - 1972 Winnebago Bravo 19'- 4x4 - 318 Dodge engine - Beach Ready - can sleep 6. $5000.00. 240 - 0442 - Let phone ring or look for us online NeeNeeB (I will have Bill get back to you) or Canman2975 or e-mail.

Thu Mar 12 14:43:28 1998

Leslie of Ptown said... SUMMER RETREATS IN PTOWN!!!! #1 ON A WEEKLY/MONTHLY BASIS: The townhouse is directly on the beach. Although it is in the center of town, It is set back from the road and is away from Commercial street noise. The first floor of the townhouse is a living/dining room, bathroom with shower/tub, kitchen and outdoor deck. The 2nd floor has 2 bedrooms. All rooms have fantastic views of the beach, macmillan wharf, and the harbour. The unit is fully furnished with all utensils, pots, pans, linens, towels, chaise lounges and eating area on the deck, etc. Along with all linens, Phone (local), cable, VCR, electricity, oil, etc are all included. The townhouse has recently been completely renovated with a new refridge, microwave, stove, VCR, furniture, etc. It has the feel of a home versus a rental unit - no rental furniture! #2 ON A SEASONAL/MONTHLY BASIS The 2 bedroom East End Cottage is available, and it is usually rented seasonally for a minimum of 10 weeks. The Cottage has 2 apartments (on 2 seperate floors) with deeded rights to the private beach. It is set back from Commercial Street in the Art-sy East End in a lovely quiet neighborhood of beautiful homes. A pathway leads to the beach and low-tide flats. The unit is fully furnished with all utensils, pots, pans, linens, towels, beachchairs etc as well as all utilities: cable TV, electricity, oil, etc are included. There is space for bikes and a car. Email me if you have any other questions at

Thu Mar 12 14:06:57 1998

Leslie of Ptown!! formally East Dennis said... Huge Yard Sale on Saturday March 21 Opens at 9:30 AM Moving In Sale!! Lots of furniture, antiques, garden tools, metal detector, Objects D'art, Waher & Dryer, windsurfer, Scuba gear, wetsuit, Something for everyone!! 592A Commercial St. adjacent to the DNA Gallery (on Bradford st) The Washer and Dryer, windsurfer, are located in East Dennis right now. If you have any interest in them, please call ahead at 617-722-9708 or email

Thu Feb 26 16:03:23 1998

Jamie of Cheboygan, Michigan said... I am planning on moving to that area as soon as I am done with college. I'm planning on being an elementary teacher or secondary teacher. I was just wondering how the schools were down there as far as job oppurtunities. Can anyone help me out???

Fri Feb 13 01:12:56 1998

Charles Taliaferro of Hanford said... CELEBRITY COOKBOOK - All new fifth annual edition of famous celebrity favorite recipes. Only $5.95 plus $1 P&H from Taliaferro, P.O. Box 783, Hanford, CA 93232

Fri Dec 19 15:23:01 1997

Carol Storer Boyden of Waterboro,Me. said... I am doing my family geneology & am interested in the surnames Avery, Rich, & Lewis. My father's biological half brother was born George Everett Avery Nov. 9, 1913 in Wellfleet Ma. My biological grandmother was Dorothy Rich & later married William L. Lewis. Any information would be gratefully received. Thankyou. Carol Storer Boyden

Sun Oct 19 23:45:59 1997

Brie Zeltner of Novelty, Ohio said... I am looking for an internship in the veterinary field for the summer of 1998. I am currently a student in my first year at Wellesley College, and am interested in a veterinary career. Thank you for any information!

Sat Jun 28 09:40:54 1997

Sigitas of Kaunas_Lithuania said... This summer I'll going to visit girlfriend in Chatham. By the way will be great earn somme money(5-7USD/h). I am 35/m engineer from Lithuania. Electric instal., house hold, car problems, electronics (radio, audio, satellite) maintening, installing. No smoking, no drinks. You do not be deceived- I am gold hand master! Your save money guaranteed. Resume by request. Sigitas. Kaunas, Lithuania, tel.:37097-43934 email: All propositions wellcome.

Tue Apr 22 18:48:45 1997

Sam Anderson of Oklahoma City, OK said... I don't know if this is proper, but I'm looking for my college roomate of 16 years ago. Her name is Sue Brady, and the last address I have for her is a Post Office Box in S. Orleans. Also her highschool reunion in Sulpher Oklahoma is approaching and her classmates would like to contact her. If you have any clues, please drop me a line. Thanks, Sam in OKC

Wed Mar 12 11:01:41 1997

Sue of Eau Claire, WI said... Hi. We're really excited about coming out to your area this summer on vacation. Does anyone have any good ideas for tent camping? Being inlanders, we're most interested in being as close to the ocean as possible. Thanks for your help...I can't wait!

Tue Mar 4 14:11:48 1997

Charles Greene of New York City said... Hey! Are there any Ex-Jehovah's Witnesses around your area? If there are, we'd like to hear from them. Thanks!

Fri Feb 21 07:47:38 1997

Jan said... I've been to P- Town many times and just love it.I cant wait to be able to return.My dream is to retire there where so many like myself feel soooooo comfortable.To everyone who lives there I'm jealous! Take care of your beautiful place. Signed a friend

Fri Feb 21 07:47:36 1997

Jan said... I've been to P- Town many times and just love it.I cant wait to be able to return.My dream is to retire there where so many like myself feel soooooo comfortable.To everyone who lives there I'm jealous! Take care of your beautiful place! Signed a friend

Sat Feb 15 04:39:28 1997

M. Masi of Yarmouth Port said... Will drive for you. Professional returning from Miami area in April. 30 yrs. exp. Perfect driving record. email:

Wed Feb 12 07:40:04 1997

Chester H. Cowen of Hernando, Citrus, FL said... I am searching for genealogical information on the surname COWEN or COWING. Kindly e-mail me to exchange research. "FISH - SWIFT - WING - HATCH - HEWINS - etc.

Sat Aug 10 22:52:28 1996

GREGG of P-TOWN said... Just wanted to say hi! Anyone with p-town ?'s or just want to say hi E-me.

Mon Jul 15 22:28:28 1996

chris of boston/attleboro said... I just read SQUID magazine from P-town and it was awsome. What i liked the most was the interveiw with popeye. To bad part of the interveiw tape got lost. some really good quotes though. And the mashpee thing could have been a little more in depth or directional.

Thu Jul 4 14:42:33 1996

Joan Ballas of Northampton, MA said... I'm looking for a place to stay over the July 4th weekend for me and my partner.

Fri May 31 19:59:23 1996

gina britt of yarmouth said... hello!are there any lesbians out there on the net?lets chat.

Sun May 19 09:57:05 1996

Monica Baker of Poughkeepsie said... I've found it very difficult to get a job in Provincetown this summer that also provides housing. I didn't think it would be this much of a production. If anyone knows of any positions like the one i am looking for, please e-mail me. thanks.!

Sun Mar 31 21:06:20 1996

Marty Appel of Laurel,Md said... Trying to find out when the Mardi Gras Parade is in August.