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Mon Jul 19 04:24:41 1999

Second Report of pgn said... From the shipyard......and ask S.Stewart, flyguy, about BUILDING airplanes and support. Hey, macDONALD, Doug, Bruce. And don't forget Guy Molinari's Bartender, Susan!! Eggs!!

Mon Jul 19 02:26:56 1999

The On Who Did the Work of right here said... Sooo, go ask Robert Fontaine and Donald Philbrick exacly what happened and how to figure that out. Maybe Star Trek will help!!! (O, that kind of transponder food, oops!!!) BINGO!!

Mon Jul 12 23:42:27 1999

the whopper person of said... So now we all know that Marge Harris is just an old town drunk who knows nothing about androgens, testosterone, or estrogen. So thus now we know!! Tough for you osteoporosis!!

Sun Jun 27 01:57:21 1999

The Eye of nearby said... I SAW THAT GUINNESS T SHIRT!! NO......

Thu Jun 17 00:59:49 1999

Tony Crow of edinburgh said... Once again, John, it is AMINO and ASCORBIC not battery acid. Geez, geez.........

Thu Jun 3 19:32:12 1999

Holli Gham of said... Hey, John!!! Maybe now you'd like to comment on the epidemiological subpopulation data reliability for the environmental aspects of the Ca+2 current versus the two K+ currents rates of hyperpolarizations?? EH??????

Wed Jun 2 06:05:38 1999

Louis of said... John......John, John, John - - navigation like planes, Block Island. It's the tables, navigation, John, Bowditch,,,logarithms. Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhh..........

Tue Jun 1 23:29:03 1999

The Big Eye of guess....... said... So that proves what a dumb..s John is!!! Hehehe!!

Sat May 29 11:03:57 1999

Palnar Corning of Chainlink, PA said... O, it is Pam.....tell Nancy and Ann that the D chord uses the ring finger on the 3rd fret. (ooo, is it a BAR chord??)

Sat May 29 09:12:56 1999

Albert Motz of Morrisania said... So old Donald Philbrick with typical work again sold the Pakistani nuclear safety team to the Star Trek fan club. .....HUH?? Well, at least "some people" are consistent with their usual level. ALERT!!!

Thu Apr 29 19:39:47 1999

Josiane of Quebec said... Me and one of my friend looking for a summer job in Cape Cod this summer, so, if anyone need employment for this summer or know a place where we can stay, please contact me at

Tue Apr 27 03:35:11 1999

Martin Haigh of Huddersfield, England said... HELP!!, British student coming to the Cape this summer needs accommodation, either as a room mate or living with a family. Will pay reasonable rent, job already secured. Looking for Hyanniss or Orleans area. Please help.

Mon Apr 26 21:12:13 1999

Susan of Brewster said... Looking for summer weekend childcare help for 6 yr. old girl and 4 yr. old boy at summer house in Brewster. Flexible hours (5-15 per weekend plus possibly some weekdays). References required. Please email if interested.

Sat Apr 24 16:08:55 1999

Joyce of San Francisco said... Hello, I'm returning to my REAL home, MA, to live on the Cape. I'm a Web developer looking for a position - I'm expert in HTML and graphics, also writing for the Web. If you know anyone who needs an experienced Web worker, pls. email me at Thanks very much!

Sat Apr 17 18:29:25 1999

MMHMC of guess said... Oooh!! Suzette is throwing a hissy fit!!! Just because the head of surgery at cornell medical estimated conservatively the mammograph programs I helped with saved over 50,000 US womens lives for 1998 calendar. And all Suzette got was drunk. Oooh, Suzette, a HISSY FIT??? Tres gauche!!

Fri Apr 9 19:20:13 1999

shanique scott of buffalo, new york said... I see that there are a lot of people looking for summer employment and housing in the cod this summer- i am also- so if anyone knows anything or needs a roomate- please contacet me at thanks

Sat Apr 3 22:20:56 1999

Bruce Dillenbeck of Boston said... Come to Earth Night: Party For The Planet, an exciting benefit for the Environmental League of Massachusetts (ELM) on Saturday night, June 12th. Over 700 people are expected to attend this year's Earth Night to be held at the new Federal Courthouse on Fan Pier on the South Boston waterfront. While supporting one of the oldest environmental organizations in the nation, party-goers will enjoy delicious food and drink from Legal Sea Foods, delight to the sound of the grammy nominated Muir String Quartet, tour the courthouse and bid at live and silent auctions. Tickets are $60 ($50 if purchased before or on May 1, 1999). To find out more about this event or to purchase tickets contact Tracy Cohen at ELM at 617- 742-8822 (email: You can also check us out at our web site:

Sat Mar 27 10:34:58 1999

Bright One of Cornfield, PA said... Re: The recent Christopher Reeves, Jane Seymour, Steve Mayer, Jery Ford self advertising drunk fest that is reported to have collected 2.2M for medical research; hey, beer head, thanks for sharing risk!!! Your collection doesnt even cover your insurance premiums for the increased risk capacity for your time and sober wasting asset shifts. So did you at least get any socalled free autographs?? Promo, Promo, Promo; cheap shots, too!!

Tue Mar 16 19:47:14 1999

SCAN MAN: PHOTO SCANNING SERVICE of Plymouth said... We will scan any photo or document for only $1.Satisfaction is guaranteed or your money back, no questions asked, Check us ot at:

Mon Mar 15 20:57:31 1999

Dede Agadakos of Wakefield, RI said... I NEED SOMETHING NEW. I've been seriously thinking of broadening my horizons and moving out of my hometown for the summertime. I need a job and place to stay though. I'll be a junior in college in the fall and will do almost anything for work. Please Help me Out. THANX

Fri Mar 12 03:54:23 1999

Lorraine of Dublin said... Hi! I am visiting The Cod in the Summer of '99.I am going with 3 friends of mine. We are looking for work and accomadation. We are all skilled in waitressing. barwork, telesales and working as a team leader. Please help us find a home for three months. Thanks!

Thu Mar 4 05:28:13 1999

CAPE COD PERSONALS.COM of Cape Cod said... Online Cape Cod Personal Ads, dating, love and romance...

Sun Feb 28 22:24:12 1999

Jamie of Hopkinton said... Hey! Looking for a hard working, creative college student currently attending NY's Pratt Institute? Well then, you've found me, willing to do almost anything over this summer. I already have housing in Hyannis and transportation, so all I need now is a JOB! Wide variety of work experiences, and willing to try something new!

Wed Feb 17 11:17:54 1999

Erica & Melissa of Glastonbury, CT said... Hello, we are looking to live on the cape for the summer. We both have experience in the restaurant business, retail, and working with children. If anyone has any info., could you please contact me. Thanks

Sat Feb 13 04:24:15 1999

Clementine of Rome, Iowa said... Richard, people who choose to sleep in the church vestry do offer difficulties to others. We know you are not much of a cook or plumber. But could you at least TRY to find competent people to do the work thereby making everyones life a bit better?? Thanks.

Fri Feb 12 17:48:49 1999

Leo of Accokeek said... Looking for ambitious individuals who like to develop a substantial income by capitalizing on the E-Commerce trends. Will be on Cape Feb-Mar 99 for interviews. If interested, contact me

Fri Feb 5 12:20:19 1999

Steph of Quebec,Canada said... My friend, Amanda and I are very interested in moving down to the cape for the summer. We both love Cape Cod and are looking for summer jobs and appartments\ housing. Please contact us if you have ANY kind of INFORMATION.!

Fri Feb 5 12:13:28 1999

Amanda said... My friend and I are looking for summer employment and housing in the Hyannis area. Please E mail me (dougbell@ sprint. ca)if you have any info.

Sun Jan 31 01:18:21 1999

lily Russell of NY said... I don't think, I KNOW. Richard Steinmueller of Yarmouth is a DEAD BEAT father. He walked out on his family never paid child support or sent birthday cards to his 4 sons. One son was killed by a DWI, STILL he never cared. Now he wants $$$$ from Lawsuit.

Wed Jan 27 09:10:23 1999

Rob B. of Fredonia, New York said... I am moving to the cape in the beginning of May to return to school in the fall of 99 and I am looking for an apartment or house to share. I am 27, responsible, mature and looking to rent with someone in the same age group. PLEASE get back to me if anyone can help !

Mon Jan 25 15:18:07 1999

melissa said... I'm desperate to work on the cape this summer. I'm a collge student woth much experience in reatil,waitressing and caring for children. I need employment and housing. Looking for roomates. If you have any info, Please contact me ASAP! Thanks!

Mon Jan 18 12:42:47 1999

Peter Molse of Providence said... Does anyone know the adress to the organization who arrange the Hyannis half marathon?

Sat Jan 9 19:19:18 1999

Nichole Hodges of Orchard Park NY said... I'm looking for a summer nanny position. I have great refrences and love children. For more information please e-mail me. Sincerely, Nichole Hodges

Fri Dec 25 10:16:51 1998

Sandrey Amory of Nordon, CT said... More juice, more berries!! Not so much jelly!!!

Sun Dec 13 22:10:53 1998

Eric Pomeroy said... My e-mail address is

Sun Dec 13 22:08:54 1998

Eric Pomeroy of West Springfield, Ma said... I need help. I would like to live and work in Cape Cod, this summer with friends. My friends and I are very motivated and need to make money for college. Personally I would like to work in Landscaping or Construction of some sort. If hiring or renting contact me please. Or if you can point me in the right direction that would be great.

Wed Nov 11 10:40:57 1998

Ists Inc. said... Mothers and others work from home. $500-$5000 a month,p/t or f/t. Training provided.For details check our website at :

Wed Nov 11 10:40:16 1998

Ists Inc. said... Mothers and others work from home. $500-$5000 a month,p/t or f/t. Training provided.For details check our website at :

Thu Nov 5 08:26:52 1998

luz said... I would like some advice I may relovate to hyannis, I have three childreen is it a good family area? thanks in advance.

Wed Oct 14 17:36:17 1998

Corn Flakes of Roxbury, MA said... JohnJohn Butthole, tell Remy Martin to find another sucker. Sell cheeses!! Parle vous??

Wed Oct 7 19:41:40 1998

fernando of Riverside, RI said... Hi, Ted. Seven flats, five sports cars, one motorcycle, one expensive bicycle. Not good to mess with wusee!! Not a good idea!! Piss everywhere!!Hahaha.

Sat Oct 3 20:29:59 1998

walter pride of idlewild, mt said... Jackie, you may wrap yourself with linen, you may give a free meal, you may make a sugar coat, you may even use a cover with salt. But I care not whose birthday it is, I shall not enter that stupid barroom with you regardless. NO way, NO how, NOT ever!! I do NOT use alcoholic products. NOT, NOT, NOT, NOT, NOT!!!!!!

Mon Sep 21 04:12:03 1998

Cathy Cohen of murray, ny said... Trying to find data on Project EDC/UMAP and the Educational Dvelopment Center for trains report. Thank you.

Mon Sep 7 08:25:32 1998 of delft, ND said... well your little tune concent thingee sounded sort of cute. but you must all be a bunch of boozers. if you ever get your bodee out of the barroom, well, honestly, don't call here!!

Fri Aug 21 00:15:49 1998

George Alexander of Albany, MD said... All alive, awake, and sober here. And THAT is by long term policy!!

Sun Aug 16 20:52:14 1998

Mueller Deering of Karlsbadt, Germany said... I lost my reading glasses while visiting Hyannis Harbor. They are trifocles tinted moderately grey with a blue and gold cord neck holder. If you discover them, call my Sister Abby on Batavia Road, West Hyannis. Thank you for the kind help.

Mon Aug 10 07:14:53 1998

duncan of Louisville, KY said... Am relocating to the Cape last week of August, not good timing I guess. Was in town last week looking to rent something for a year (one/two bedroom, washer/dryer) and had no luck. Checked everywhere and was told the market is real tight and best way to find something was word of mouth. Any locals have any ideas? Would really appreciate it. Thanks.

Tue Aug 4 04:45:44 1998

Jeff Wright of Albany said... Get ready Mass-Holes here comes trouble! Let's hope you know who has different plans after this road trip. DD

Tue Jul 21 11:49:10 1998

Mary Ann Conetta said... Pending return E-mail with requested information.

Sat Jul 18 20:10:11 1998

Titia Swordez of Basketville, OH said... July 18, 1998 23:05EDT Ooh, sugar!! You've hit me, the astronomy, telescope, mountain hiking, audubon birding, bagpipe band person. There''s no sitting with drunkies in the bars watching your fantasy video with this one!! Your ARE the deluded one!! Breakfast buffet, but not TUMS?? Bye, sugar!! No free meal here!!

Sat Jul 18 13:56:32 1998

Eliza Berlin of York, PA said... July 18, 1998 16:56 I neither use nor pay for beverage alcohol products nor directly related services. Go live off someone else, a...ole!! EB

Sat Jul 18 13:56:22 1998

Eliza Berlin of York, PA said... July 18, 1998 16:56 I neither use nor pay for beverage alcohol products nor directly related services. Go live off someone else, a...ole!! EB

Thu Jul 16 19:06:53 1998

Joe of Franklin Square, NY said... Hey where can I find some good roller blading path??? I will be in South Yarmouth and Hyanis the last tree weeks of August.

Thu Jul 16 10:34:40 1998

rob said... TO ALL TOURISTS - Be very careful of weirdos/drunks in the Main Street area of hyannis. My friend (female) has already been bothered twice and even followed on one occasion during a 3 day visit. You'd think the tourist areas would be cleared of this low life but these people always seem to be around.

Sat Jul 4 04:07:55 1998

Leon Lawrence of Brickyard, MI said... Oo, I see you, and it's Leonard and Carroll praying over the weather satellites. Omyomy!! Is is a free dinner or iron pills for their soulfood friends?? Poor, poor Sergei. Well, whaddya need now pippies?

Sat Jun 27 05:42:13 1998

Tue Jun 9 13:32:37 1998

Andrea of Baltimore, MD said... We're looking for an additional party of 1-3 persons to join us July 28th for a charter fishing trip. The adventure starts at 7am and ends noon time--everything is included except your food and drink. We're a party of three only and the boat can take out up to 6. We thought if we could find some other interested people we could lower the cost. The total for the 5-hour charter is $340, so we thought maybe $40 or $50 each to join in.

Tue Jun 2 21:36:46 1998

Theresa Bianco of Perth, Western Australia said... G'day! Three weary Australians will be rolling through Hyannis to attend a scientific conference on sport psychology. We are looking for reasonably priced accommodation within walking distance of the Sheraton Hyannis Hotel - the conference headquarters. If you have a place to rent or can offer some advice, we'd love to hear from you. Please e-mail Theresa Bianco at: Thank you and fair dinkum!

Wed May 27 11:54:13 1998

Joan of Osterville said... I will be spending this summer (1998) at the Cape, and am interested in doing some weekday volunteer work. Please email me if you know of any good volunteer opportunties.

Mon May 11 21:39:40 1998

Tracie of Mnachester,Ct said... I am looking for any information on yearly renatals in the Hyannis area. I am a single mother with a ten year old. I am looking to find a great place to raise my son! I am hoping to find a job doing childcare, nanny, or elderly care. I have been home raising my son for ten years and now my son and I are stiking out on our own.If anyone has information or knows of someone who has an apartment for rent and possibly need full time daycare or elderlycare my son and I would really appreciate it if you could e-mail me with the details. Thanks so very much.

Tue Apr 21 18:20:10 1998

Elizabeth of Arlington, VA said... HELP! I'm coming to the general Hyannis area next week to look for apartments and interview for jobs. Why can't I find anything on the Internet about yearly rentals? Can someone please give me some advice? I need to find an apartment in a very short brief amount of time. THANKS

Fri Apr 17 00:19:54 1998

Tracy of Alabama said... I'm a 30-year old struggling writer fed-up with living in Alabama who's looking to move to the cape for approximately one year. I'm interested in nanny work, secretarial work, and/or anything else that I find interesting. Very trustworthy (excellent references), easy-going, great sense of humor, very attractive, intelligent....and NOT an egomaniac, I promise! I'm just seeking out a change of pace for (as mentioned earlier in this ad) approx. one year while I work on by current book in my spare time. My agent seems to think that the change will invigorate me as well as my project. Again, will be happy to send references and photo. If interested, please email me at:

Wed Apr 15 12:17:46 1998

Joe Arcadi of Rochester, NY said... I'm a college student interning in Hyannis. I'm looking for a summer house, preferably 2 bedroom within 5-10 mins of Hyannis. E-mail me at

Mon Apr 13 20:59:22 1998

Lori of Dartmouth said... Hi.....My friends and I are planning to go down to Hyannis for july 4th weekend.....We are 22 years old and are looking to know of some cool places (bars and dance clubs...ect.) that are in this area. Any ideas???? Also is there any reasonable hotels in the area???? thanks

Wed Apr 8 13:57:27 1998

Marie of Easthampton said... A couple of friends and I are planning to stay and work in Hyannis this summer (98). I am looking for waitress work. Any suggested restaurants? I am over 18 and work as waitress now. Can start first week of June. We also have a rate of $100 a week for a room in a boarding house. How does this compare to what you know. Any suggestions or tips to keep in mind? Thanks!

Tue Apr 7 06:31:43 1998

Dominic Mc Larnon of Belfast, North Ireland said... Accessing hotel sites through is problematic. My wife and I and one other couple are hoping to stay in Mid Cape area for two weeks in June 98. We are looking for a mid priced hotel in the Hyannis area with outdoor pool and near to golf, shoreline, shopping, restaurants. The cape codder looks good but I can't access the site. Can anyone suggest a hotel to meet my requirements. SLAINTE

Sat Apr 4 13:56:24 1998

Nancy & Bill of Eastham said... For Sale - 1972 Winnebago Bravo 19'- 4x4 - 318 Dodge engine - Beach Ready - can sleep 6. $5000.00. 240 - 0442 - Let phone ring or look for us online NeeNeeB (I will have Bill get back to you) or Canman2975 or e-mail.

Thu Mar 12 14:14:26 1998

Leslie of Ptown said... HUGE YARD SALE on Saturday March 21 Opens at 9:30 AM - Moving In Sale!! Lots of furniture, antiques, garden tools, metal detector, Objects D'art, Waher & Dryer, windsurfer, Scuba gear, wetsuit, Something for everyone!! 592A Commercial St. adjacent to the DNA Gallery (on Bradford st) The Washer and Dryer, windsurfer, are located in East Dennis right now. If you have any interest in them, please call ahead at 617-722-9708 or email

Wed Mar 11 11:35:14 1998

John Howitt of Marstons Mills said... Hello to all basefall fans, I just moved to the Cape and would like to find a Rottisserie Baseball League. Does anyone know of one? Thanks.

Wed Feb 4 20:54:46 1998

John Lewis of Hyannis said... My name is John Lewis ,I grew up in Hyannis and attended Harwich tech. Am presently living in Seattle Wa. and would like to hear from anyone who remembers me.

Sun Feb 1 05:21:40 1998

Russell Lewis of Snohomish,WA. said... Shirley And I would like to hear from anyone who remembers us.We lived on Greenwood Ave.I was born in Osterville.Shirley worked As a Lab Tech at CCH & various Drs offices & medical labs. I was a cigar salesman.

Fri Jan 9 01:31:33 1998

John of Yarmouth said... I sell houses on the Cape and the market here is crazy right now. Homes that didn't sell 4 years ago, because they were bought at the peak, are now selling for prices unheard of since the 80's. E-mail me if you do not think you can get out of your home clean or even make a little. You may be very surprised.

Wed Jan 7 23:14:52 1998

Larry of oklahoma city said... I am considering working for Infinium Software in Hyannis. Can someone tell me what they think about the company? Are they good to work for? What is it like in Hyannis?

Wed Jan 7 23:14:40 1998

Larry of oklahoma city said... I am considering working for Infinium Software in Hyannis. Can someone tell me what they think about the company? Are they good to work for? What is it like in Hyannis?

Wed Jan 7 23:14:23 1998

Larry of oklahoma city said... I am considering working for Infinium Software in Hyannis. Can someone tell me what they think about the company? Are they good to work for? What is it like in Hyannis?

Mon Nov 10 22:50:55 1997

Sarah of Poca, WV said... Okay, I know the Kennedy clan all stay at Hyannis Port. Can anyone give me any information on where exactly they stay at? Also, if you can tell me any interesting stories about encounters with the Kennedys (especially John Kennedy Jr) PLEASE e-mail me. Thanks!!!

Wed Oct 15 15:35:59 1997

Shirley main of Toledo,Ohio said... Looking for alumni of Cape Cod Hospital (Nurses Training) graduating 1952-53 please contact.

Wed Sep 10 14:48:26 1997

Timothy Pruden of Boulder, Colorado said... I'm looking for Lori Rosner, any one who gets a hold of her, tell her to call her fiance!! Is she in jail? the hospital? What's going on? I know she's infamous on the Cape....

Thu Aug 28 20:53:30 1997

HoLy MackereL of give a shout out to dorchestah!!! said... The Dunkin dOnuts(main st, hyannis) has the most watered down iced coffee...does anyone AGREE?

Sun Aug 10 11:30:23 1997


Sat Aug 9 18:27:15 1997

Pamela Wood of Philadelphia, PA said... My husband, I and a few others are looking to visit Cape Cod next summer (1998) and we are looking for info on condominiums in Hyannis. Anyone know of a great place to stay?

Mon Jul 14 18:41:10 1997

Benoit C. Burroughs of L'Orignal said... Hi. I'm from Ontario Canada and wish very much to visit your area. However I need informations for lodging in the area of Hyannis Port. Can anybody help? Answer by e-mail please. Many thank.

Fri Jul 11 08:51:42 1997

Jan Lively of Atlanta, GA said... Would anyone have an idea who might be interested in buying Tiara glassware? I have tons I bought at many parties years ago and now would like to have a cream pattern. Please email if you know of any one. Thanks! Jan

Sat May 24 20:11:31 1997

BETHANY VACHER-MULVEY of HYANNIS said... I am a 1985 BHS grad am am now living in the Hpuston TX area with my husband and 2 children.. Just looking for any other BHS grads out there... I can be reached at

Tue May 6 14:14:29 1997

Susan of Dublin said... I am an Irish student intending to spend this Summer (mid-June until the end of September) working in Hyannis (on a J-1 Exchange Visitor Visa) and as of yet myself and my friends(5 of us) do not have any accommodation arranged. We would be grateful if anyone could send us information or contacts regarding this. E-mail: THANKS!

Thu Apr 24 12:43:55 1997

LEO BRANDAO of Osterville said... Hi folks, I'm a dislocated Cape Cod native currently living in Maryland after serving 26 years in the Air Force. Too many activities going on now for me to retire back there but it is in my plans to do so. Right now I'm looking to expand some business operations to the Cape. I'll be looking for some entreprenurial-minded individuals who are personable, open-minded and looking to develop some good residual income. Must be long-term thinkers--not get-rich-quick schemers. I'll be coming to the Cape sometime in the next few months to interview people. If anyone is interested in learning more about this they can e-mail me or drop me a line at 14610 Bisque St, Accokeek, MD 20607. Hope y'all enjoying the wonderful Cape. P.S. I'd like to hear from any of my old classmates (BHS '66) Sorry I missed the last class reunion. Have a great summer.

Tue Apr 15 22:02:35 1997

jOAN Tarpinian of Long Island said... I'm looking for anyone that knows, Mark Anderson(graduated from Barnstable high 1977) Karin Anderson(graduated in 1980) and their brother(Craig Anderson? graduated in 1977) Please contact me if you know them or5 where they could possibly be.

Fri Apr 4 21:16:50 1997

Kim Wood-Cooney of hyannis said... I graduated from Barnstable High in 1985 and I was wondering if there was anyone out there who graduated at the same time and what your doing now. I live in the Chicago area but my ties are still with the cape. Please e-mail me

Thu Mar 20 00:19:50 1997

UFO UFO UFO UFO of Hyannis said... I have decided to inform people,and show them how to record, videotape UFO anomalies.The only thing you will need is a video camcorder, and a clear sunny day for best results. This "Technique" is being performed around the world, by countless individuals.The media is finding it harder and harder to keep a lid on this information. This 'Technique" is very simple,but I do not have enough space provided,to describe to you on what to do,and how to do it. (FINALLY THERE IS UNDENIABLE PROOF) Just E-mail me and I will instruct you on what to do.You will not be dissatisfied My address is as follows;

Fri Mar 14 14:22:33 1997

Mark Bonczek of Auburn said... I am looking for any family that might need a house nanny for the summer. If there is anyone that may need this service please contact me. Thank you.

Wed Mar 5 16:20:33 1997

Robert Goto of Los Angeles said... I am curious, is there a listing of apartments for rent in or around Hyannis? I am looking for new, modern and large apartments. I may be relocating there from Dallas, TX and am trying to get some information. I have had no luck with any other home pages so I thought I'd try here. Any assistance would be greatly appreciated.

Tue Mar 4 14:07:59 1997

Charles Greene of New York City said... Hey! Are there any Ex-Jehovah's Witnesses up around your area? We'd like to hear from any that are. Thanks!

Sun Feb 23 17:14:46 1997

Sarah J McNeil of Rochester, NY said... Hi!! I am a college sophomore looking for an opportunity for summer employment and housing in Cape Cod. My friend, Elisabeth and I are looking for a room to rent for a resonable amount. We are both responsible, trustworthy girls. Our main goal is to make as much money as we can to help us for our upcoming academic year. We both can supply letters of recommendations. Please contact me if you know of anyone who can help us!! My address is

Sat Feb 15 04:12:13 1997

M. Masi of Yarmouth Port said... Will drive car for you. Returning from Miami area in April. 30 yrs exp. Perfect driving record. email:

Fri Jan 31 16:01:52 1997

James Campbell of Las Vegas, NM said... CHEF DU JOUR- talented chef from New Mexico available for personal chef services, dinner parties and restaurant work. Specialties include; Regional Italian, eclectic Santa Fe style, and traditional foods from New Mexico and Northern Mexico. References available.

Fri May 17 07:47:08 1996

corey of said... Windsurfing Event... Join Pixy 103 as the H-2-Optics Windsurfing Tour lands on Kalmus Beach in Hyannis this weekend, 17th-19th! This free event features demonstrations and exhibits, free lessons on a computerized windsurfing simulator, and appearances by top sports celebrities hot of the Pro Circuit. Stop by and enter to win prize that include lessons AND a Bic Windsurfing Board!

Thu May 2 05:42:24 1996

Michael Barach of Concord/Hyannis said... We have a summer house in Hyannis, and I am looking for the telephone number of a local Hyannis Internet Access Provider so I can get on the Internet with a local call. I would appreciate any information on a local provider. THanks. (I would log on at 28.8 bps).

Mon Apr 8 01:09:25 1996

Linda Simpson of Manchester, NH said... I need an address of an house fire on Feb. 11, 1996. Please help.