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Cape & Islands Authors: Marge Piercy

Three Women; 1999
The Art of Blessing the Day : Poems With a Jewish Theme; 1999
Early Grrrl : The Early Poems of Marge Piercy; 1999
Available Light; 1988
Braided Lives; 1983
Circles on the Water; 1982
City of Darkness, City of Light : A Novel; 1997
Dance the Eagle to Sleep; 1993
Fly Away Home; 1985
Going Down Fast; 1988
Gone to Soldiers; 1988
He, She and It; 1997
The Longings of Women; Audio Cassette; 1994
The Longings of Women: A Novel; 1995
Mars and Her Children : Poems; 1992
The Moon Is Always Female; 1980
My Mother's Body; 1985
Small Changes; 1997
Storm Tide with Ira Wood; 1999
Summer People; 1990
What Are Big Girls Made Of? : Poems; 1997
Woman on the Edge of Time; 1997

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